Herbal Remedies for Hair Loss

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Herbal Remedies for Hair Loss

Many of us take a lot pains with out hair and in addition, some of us do like to spend good money on hair products like

Aromatherapy Oils

shampoos, conditioners and other hair treatments. This is not only for the sake of looking good and feeling great but knowing that your hair is in top shape as well.  If in the unfortunate event that signs of hair loss appear, most of us would do almost everything in our power to arrest hair fall and to get our hair to grow back again to its original state.

 Most hair loss conditions are very closely related to the hormone dihydrotestosterone or genetics but not restricted to these. There are several other factors that may precipitate hair fall including pregnancy, poor nutrition, thyroidism, various medications, stress, chemotherapy and hormonal imbalances. It used to be the belief formerly that hair loss or baldness was restricted to men, but nowadays it is known that women may suffer and do suffer from hair loss too.

 Right now there are numerous pharmacy products that promise to cure or arrest hair loss, and re-grow thinning hair. The generic ones have always been finasteride, minoxidil, and propecia. Furthermore, there are those that are not well known in the market and some are not even approved by the FDA, that also make the same claims. However, some of these treatments and remedies have been know n to have unpleasant side effects that ruin lives more than the original purpose of restoring hair. This makes quite difficult for hair fall sufferers to decide which treatments would best be suited to their own condition. Apart from getting advice from a medical practitioner, it’s wise to do a good level of research into the product that you would like to use on your hair.

Cure For Baldness?

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With all the negative side effects that pharmaceutical products may bring, there has always been natural treatments made from herbs and other products that have been used for hair loss and maintenance centuries ago. Some of them were used quite effectively to treat scalp conditions, prevention of baldness, restoring thin hair and the general maintenance of nourished hair.

 Some of the natural remedies that can abate your hair loss and aid hair restoration are the following:

 Polygonum Multiflorum

This is a Chinese herbal remedy for hair loss that has been used by the Chinese for centuries to cure all sorts of health problems. In general it is a blood tonic that can treat iron deficiency and improve circulation. To treat hair fall, this herb is usually combined with other herbal concoctions to stimulate hair growth.

 Ganoderma Luciderm

Ganoderma Luciderm is another herbal remedy for hair loss of Chinese origin that has been known to work very well especially when mixed together with other herbs like Polygonum. It has been used to treat alopecia or stop it and aid re-growth of hair. This plant is also known as reishi.


 Aromatherapy oils

Herb oils like Lavender, Clary Sage and Rosemary have been known to do wonders when added to shampoos and conditioners before use to arrest hair loss. Just get a few drops of each oil and mix them with the shampoo in the palm of your hand and apply to hair. Geranium,Cypressand Ylang Ylang have the capacity to grow hair. Using essential oils when you are stressed will also cut down on the level of hair loss that you may experience at that time.

Ginkgo biloba

This herb is known to generate hair growth by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp and providing food to the hair follicles. It is supposedly very good for DHT induced hair loss and also strengthens hair.

 Tabasco Sauce

Mixing some Tabasco into your shampoo! Is that a joke? Well, capsaicin has been reported to re-grow hair especially in male pattern baldness. It has been discovered that adding some soy oil to it can make it even more potent for the purpose. Capsaicin is found in the red species of pepper in larger quantities than other peppers.



Trying out herbal remedies for hair loss should be done as carefully as choosing a pharmaceutical alternative. Some of them may have nasty side effects and cautious is the best way to go with any hair fall remedy or treatment. Do your research properly before jumping onto any treatment. Always the best way to go, is to consult with a medical professional first to get a proper diagnosis of the type of alopecia you are experiencing before finding a solution.

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