HarVokse Results

Har Vokse Results

Har Vokse results are unique from other hair growth supplements due to the following reasons:

Harvokse protects and strengthens already existing hair and any new growth while stopping any additional hair loss from the source.

This product is unlike others which promise to deal with hair loss using one solution that cures all. Harvokse on the other hand offers two solutions:


  • The Protective Treatment Re-growth Spray  that deals with cleansing the scalp and nourish the hair to make it thicker and stronger.  This cleansing action targets the scalp so that it can start growing hair. It gets rid of any inflammation and nourishes the damaged follicles to enable new growth


  • The Hair Re-growth Supplement  that is a pill,  stops   any further hair  loss. It also enables re-growth and thickens hair and gives it a shine.This supplement is made from deep sea fish proteins that were found to help with hair re-growth by Norwegian scientists.


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This supplement has the most powerful ingredients that include:

Amino Acids: That have been proven to protect and give improved hair growth.

Grape Seed Extracts:  Have been proven to prevent damage in the hair cells or follicles and promote quick healing to the follicles. It ahs reservatrol whose antioxidant power is widely acclaimed, while it also helps with blood flow in the scalp and hair follicles.

Vitamin B-complex: This has been known to be a deficiency in many alopecia sufferers. It also enhances growth of healthy nails and vibrant skin. Is known that this vitamin improves the hair lustre in general.

Zinc Gluconate: contributes to growth, wound healing, immune functions, skin metabolism.

Centella asiatica, Green Coffee bean extract and green tea extract  are also part of the ingredients. They are known for their high polyphenols that play a big role in repairing damaged cells in the scalp and other parts of the body.


This combination of ingredients is where the power in Har vokse lies.

Advanced Health LTDHar Vokse has been made to give the best results for hair re-growth. A lot of research has gone into the product so that 90% of research participants experienced hair re-growth and did not lose any more hair.


When Can You See Harvokse Results?

When used consistently, this product has been known to give long term results. Some users have actually been able to get good results from harvokse with in 8 -12 weeks, although a smaller number has seen harvokse results with in just two weeks! Like most treatments, we do respond differently as individuals and this time frame may vary.

And if you have been thinking about getting back your hair, there is a discount going on Har Vokse. When you buy 4 months of hair supplement you get  an additional 2 months totally free plus one hair re-growth spray thrown in as a bonus.


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