Five Ways in which We May Suffer Hair Loss

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Five Ways in which We May Suffer Hair Loss

It has been discovered that there are over one hundred things that make us lose hair. These things may range from emotional stress to air quality. That means that environmental issues and physical well being may affect our hair in more ways than we would like to think about. Although some of the reasons we lose hair are very evident we tend to miss them


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and make more complicated analyses of why we are losing our hair.

However, hair loss may be a very complicated issue sometimes, and may take ages and several tests before the right diagnosis is obtained. This in itself can be a very stressful time when trying to find out the reasons why one is losing hair. It takes a lot of patience to hang in there while you watch you hair falling out each and every day while undergoing tests for the correct diagnosis. To avoid losing hair or thinning your hair even further, it is advisable to consider the following:

  •  Hot baths have been proved to be one of the ways that people lose hair. Research study has arrived at the conclusion that hot water baths have a very bad effect on hair. Steam opens up the pores on your head that hold the hair and leads to hair loss.
  • Harsh combing usually causes bunches of hair to fall out. This especially so when the hair is knotty and a lot of pressure is used to straighten it out. Careful combing releases the tangles and enables you to comb the hair safely minimising hair fall.
  • Combing wet hair is another thing that we do as result of habit. Most of us believe that this helps set the hair but it actually causes more hair loss than we would like to contemplate. It is best if you are not in a rush to allow your hair to dry before you comb it out.
  • Helmets are used by cyclists and motorcyclists as a safety protection over their heads in case of an accident. However, prolonged use of helmets leads to hair loss due to the fact that covering your head makes it sweat more and yet it can not dry out fast enough. The collection of sweat on the scalp weakens the hair roots and with time hair fall out. It is not surprising that young men who ride motor bikes for long distances on a regular basis frequently do not have much hair on their heads.
  • Pulling hair back in a bun also leads to hair loss. This hair style is loved by many women for its simplicity to suit many occasions, however, frequently pulling back your hair causes hair to fall out or recede at the hair line. This is because tightening hair makes it brittle and easy to break. So even if the bun is a flexible hair style, it is advisable not to do it too tightly and too often.

It is therefore advisable to consider how you handle your hair to avoid suffering hair loss earlier than is naturally normal. Remember that although hair is something that many of us may not think about often, hair loss is a very painful condition and causes untold pain some people’s lives.

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