Early Signs of Hair Loss

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What Are the Early Signs of Hair Loss?

Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness (Photo credit: emilio labrador)

It can be very tricky at times to notice the start signs of hair fall as it can be a very slow process that happens over a long

period of time. Most often it is not noticeable over night and you may start to notice a few strands here and there. Hair loss can be a very gradual process.  However, the mere fact that you are here this minute could point to the fact that you are experiencing a few concerns about going bald. It would have been an ideal situation if we could all just prevent hair loss, however, in most cases it sometimes a little late to prevent this event from happening.

Hair loss happens to individuals in different ways. It may start from the back of your head, the middle or front. Most of the symptoms you may observe may point to the type of hair loss that you are suffering.  One thing is certain, you will notice thinning in certain areas or even more hair strands when you wash your hair. These are the most typical signs of hair loss but these may also vary from one individual to another.


The Role of Genetics in Hair Loss

If one of your parents suffered from hair fall or thinning, it does not necessarily imply that you will undergo the same. Likewise, if your father started losing his hair at the tender age of 19, it does not imply that you will not suffer from hair loss if you still boast a good shock of hair at age 34. Genetic hair hair loss can be a result of the occurrence of androgenetic alopecia in either side of the family. This condition is also referred to as female or male pattern baldness depending on whether you are female or male. Even if genetic may be the cause of your hair loss, there are other factors that may also cause it.

The most common signals of  hair fall to watch out for may include the following:

  • Having a few close relations that suffer from hair fall
  • Noticing that your hair line is receding.
  • Feeling that your hair is thinner than it has been
  • Experiencing a wider parting in the middle of your head.
  • Noticing more areas o scalp through your hair mostly at the top of your head.


The Science of Hair Loss Balding Video



Telogen Effluvium

Telogen Effluvium is a hair loss condition that involves hair entering into the resting phase more rapidly leading to shedding or thinning.  Certain periods in our lives may be too stressful and this may result in this type of hair loss. Pregnancy and grief may cause telogen effluvium. The type of diet that we are following may also cause this type of hair fall, including anorexia, restricted calories, drugs and hypothyroidism.

There are implications on our hair depending on the food that we eat or that we may not eat. Certain food deficiencies like anaemia may lead to hair loss. You may notice hair fall of the telogen effluvium type when you go through trying period in your life, go on diet or are going through a serious illness.

Alopecia Areata

This hair fall can be recognised when you notice patches of open scalp on your head. This type of hair fall is not restricted to your head, it can also be seen on other

Alopecia areata. Español: Alopecia areata. Ita...

Alopecia areata. Español: Alopecia areata. Italiano: Un esempio di alopecia areata classica. Polski: Łysienie plackowate. Türkçe: Saçkıran. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

areas of your body that have hair. This hair fall can appear as one small bald patch or may be scattered all over the head and other areas that have hair. The patches can also vary in size. This form of hair loss can be temporary and sufferers may experience re-growth after sometime. On the other hand, it may actually become more severe leading to total baldness. The signs to watch for are hair falling out in clumps or bald round patches on any part of your body that has hair. It can also be triggered by stressful events.

Finding Medical help

It is all very well for us to try and diagnose our illnesses at the start due to the urgency of the matter. However, it is advisable when you notice consistent hair loss, to go and visit a medical profession to try and find out what type of hair loss you may be suffering from. Catching it early may be the only factor that may separate you from going completely bald.

Other Solutions

Whenever you fail to get good results with medical intervention, there are other herbal or natural formulas that can help you  relieve the symptoms of hair fall. One of them is Har Vokse Dual Hair Re-growth Solution. It is made from fish protein and comes both in a supplement and hair spray.


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