Dihydro-testosterone and How It Contributes to Hair Loss

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Dihydro-testosterone and How it Contributes to Hair Loss

It generally believed by lots of people that hair loss is a result of genetic issues but this is only partly correct. Although people from the same family may have lots of similarities in their physical make up, this does not necessarily mean that they will always have very similar genetic pre-dispositions. The same applies for the issue of hair loss and baldness.

If we all did not have Dihydro-testosterone  hair loss would be an issue that is nearly unheard of than it is at the moment. This hormone has a direct relation to and is greatly affected by the amount of testosterone that is running in the blood stream. Extensive scientific research has established the role of dihydro-testosterone regarding hair loss or baldness.

Dihydro-testosterone in men is mainly due to decreased levels of testosterone or its entire depletion in the body. On the other hand, among women the decrease of oestrogen in the blood stream to a low level leads to an increase in more testosterone than she should actually have. This is affected by an enzyme called type II 5 alpha reductase that exists in the hair follicle and changes testosterone into dihydro-testosterone  This hormone then damages the hair follicles and the hair dies gradually and new growth comes up thinner and life-less.

If you suffer from DHT-induced hair loss, anything that will terminate the production of DHT will result into more hair growth and reduce the destruction of DHT on hair giving it some body. Whereas there are no fast cures to hair loss, there are several products on the market that will reduce the production of dihydro-testosterone by creating a balance in the hormones. It is not a matter of applying hair creams and lotions, the issue needs to be dealt with first from the inside. This may include a well- balanced diet, exclusion of caffeine and may warrant food supplementation to ensure that there is a good intake of the desired nutrients to re-grow your hair.

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