Early Signs of Hair Loss

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What Are the Early Signs of Hair Loss? It can be very tricky at times to notice the start signs of hair fall as it can be a very slow process that happens over a long period of time. Most often it is not noticeable over night and you may start to notice a few strands here and there. Hair loss can be a very gradual process.  However, the mere fact that you are here this minute could point to the fact that you are experiencing a few concerns about going bald. It would have been an ideal situation if we could all just prevent hair loss, however,...

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Herbal Remedies for Hair Loss

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Herbal Remedies for Hair Loss Many of us take a lot pains with out hair and in addition, some of us do like to spend good money on hair products like shampoos, conditioners and other hair treatments. This is not only for the sake of looking good and feeling great but knowing that your hair is in top shape as well.  If in the unfortunate event that signs of hair loss appear, most of us would do almost everything in our power to arrest hair fall and to get our hair to grow back again to its original state.  Most hair loss conditions are very...

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Hair Loss in Women

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Hair Loss in Women Whether it is long and flowing tresses or short and sassy curls, having the perfect hairstyle makes a woman look extremely attractive. This is the main reason why women give so much importance to their hair. Due to this, losing their precious locks can be particularly devastating for women. Therefore, it is essential to take care of your hair as soon as you notice the first signs of hair fall. In most cases, our hair is the very first area that we usually witness the manifesting signs of poor nutrition, illness and hormonal...

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The Worst Side Effects of Finasteride Treatment for Hair Loss

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The Worst Side Effects of Finasteride Treatment for Hair Loss There have been reports about the side effects of Finasteride but none that are as scary as elaborated here by a user of this hair loss treatment.  It is so alarming that a drug that was meant to treat one thing can complicate life to this extent. Read on and feel one man’s pain as he battles the side effects of Finasteride. Joe Graedon a news reporter of the Seattle Times has posted the following article about the long lasting effects of the drug in some users. Lasting libido...

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How Stress May Cause Hair Loss

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How Does Stress Cause Hair Loss? It is generally believed that stress affects our health in so many ways. Stress may cause weight gain or weight loss, sleeplessness or insomnia, heart attack and gray hair. However, it has been known but also debated about how stress may cause hair loss. The following articles will answer your questions about how stress may cause hair loss. Firstly, let’s define “stress.” Stress is a normal physical response to an event or occurrence that makes you feel upset or somehow offsets your balance...

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How Hair Loss Impacts on Appearance and Self-esteem

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How Hair Loss Impacts on Appearance and Self-esteem The realisation that you may be suffering from a hair loss condition will instantly result in questions about how your appearance is going to change over time. Hair loss is most often associated with attractiveness and age issues. This will probably throw you into doubts about how attractive or how much older you will appear in contrast to your former self. This is the reason why many decide to try to regain their hair in order to retain their body image and confidence to remove the doubts...

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Alopecia Alopecia is simply the scientific name for hair loss on the scalp or any other hairy part of the body. It can be caused by many different things and may manifest in different ways. That is why we have different variations to the word alopecia. According to the Mayo Clinic’s article they are as follows: Causes of Alopecia Most people normally shed 50 to 100 hairs a day. But with about 100,000 hairs in the scalp, this amount of hair loss shouldn’t cause noticeable thinning of the scalp hair. As people age, hair tends to...

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Dihydro-testosterone and How It Contributes to Hair Loss

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Dihydro-testosterone and How it Contributes to Hair Loss It generally believed by lots of people that hair loss is a result of genetic issues but this is only partly correct. Although people from the same family may have lots of similarities in their physical make up, this does not necessarily mean that they will always have very similar genetic pre-dispositions. The same applies for the issue of hair loss and baldness. If we all did not have Dihydro-testosterone  hair loss would be an issue that is nearly unheard of than it is at the...

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What is the Relationship between Hair loss and Nutrition?

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The Realtionship Between Hair Loss and Nutrition Did you know that omega-3 and exercise can help you to regrow your hair. We do take hair so much for granted sometimes, that we do not consider that what we eat influences the numbers of hairs on our head. The article below explains what sort of nutrition and minerals helps you to re-grow or maintain good looking hair. The typical adult human has about 100,000 hairs on their head and will, on average, shed between 50 and 100 hair strands every day. Hair, on average, grows 15cm a year and can...

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Five Ways in which We May Suffer Hair Loss

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Five Ways in which We May Suffer Hair Loss It has been discovered that there are over one hundred things that make us lose hair. These things may range from emotional stress to air quality. That means that environmental issues and physical well being may affect our hair in more ways than we would like to think about. Although some of the reasons we lose hair are very evident we tend to miss them and make more complicated analyses of why we are losing our hair. However, hair loss may be a very complicated issue sometimes, and may take ages and...

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